37 Dundas Street East Napanee, Ontario

Our Breads

Since we opened, we have made many hundreds of italian, white, multigrain, sour dough and vegan/gluten free bread loaves and buns. No fillers, preservatives or improvers are used because we try to stay with the basic quality of the raw ingredients as much as we can. The skill is crafting our breads with passion and attention to detail so that your taste experience is maximized.

Combine that passion with our sandwich and soup menu, lookout! Fresh made bread with your choice of meats, cheeses, lettuce and appropriate toppings, as-is or toasted/grilled to your taste.

Donuts, Twists & Turnovers

Too many kinds to describe because we have almost anything you can imagine and if not, we will make to order almost whatever you want!

Our Boston Crème donuts are actually ‘Bavarian crème’ donuts as our owner keeps reminding us but we let him wallow because we know what you all like about our filled donuts… Everything! We can fill them with Cherry, Rasberry, Strawberry, custard and what else…you tell us.

One thing we will be sharing with you all soon is a German Recipe our owner brought us that is traditionally celebrated with the coming of the New Year in Germany … the ‘Pfannküchen’. These are sugar fondant glazed donuts filled with almost any fruit filling and of course, the well known ‘Bavarian Crème’.

Cakes & Cupcakes

We offer cakes in all shapes and sizes. Our delicious flavours include vanilla, chocolate, red velvet, carrot and confetti cakes. Choose from fillings including vanilla buttercream Lindt chocolate icing, bavarian cream, raspberry cream, strawbetty cream, cherry, peanut butter and creamcheese icing. Vegan and gluten free options are also available.

If this isn’t making your mouth water, have a look at the photos … they are beautiful and delightful. Perfect for any occasion or “just because”.

Cupcakes are also available in these flavours as well. We also have special creations, like our incredible Metropolitans. Call ahead to see what we have on hand this week!

Cookies & Pies

What do we say about the endless creations we have. Let the pictures speak for themselves….Oatmeal, cinnamon, Animal shaped, double tiered and many more.

Pies are available seasonally and by special order. We offer delicious pecan, pumpkin and apple choices.

Alternatively, try out apple strudel or chelsea buns (with regular or cream chese icing!) if you are looking for a larger dessert option.


Along with our menu of Signature Meat Sandwiches, we continue to make our dynamite Egg and Tuna Salad sandwiches on white and multigrain bread or on any shape or type of bread we have in the Bistro.

If that is not enough and the Dead Witches flatbread is a little too scary for you, we have all sorts of other appetizers you can feed frenzy on. Don’t leave until you have had our sausage rolls!

Scones and more scones, whether they are cheese or blueberry, they are bound to fill an empty spot. If that isn’t enough, our plain and decorated croissants will make your stomach grumble when you walk by.

These delectables can be combined with daily soup specials which will satisfy any Hungry Heffer’s appetite.


Croissants, Turnovers, Scones and Sausage Rolls are just some of the great appetizers one can enjoy quickly in our Bistro or take with you on the run.

Our Lemon Poppy Seed Loaves and Banana Bread will make you wonder why you had breakfast.

Our Date Squares and ‘deadly chocolate’ Brownies will make you wish you took sugar with your coffee.

But, most importantly, if you leave our Bistro without experiencing our incredible Butter Tarts, we will hunt you down, drag you back to The BaBS and make sure you at least taste one of these butter/sugar explosions!


We can prepare any of our creations, in combination with whatever you like, onto platters, trays or into whatever containers you need. We can deliver to your location within the Greater Napanee area for larger orders or we can prepare your order for pick-up.

We know how to prepare your order for special meetings, birthdays, weddings or whatever event/celebration you are planning. Only your imagination can limit what our bakers and service team can prepare for your next event!